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Compensation Modeling & Management

We are a team of compensation modeling experts, dedicated to helping you better plan and manage employee compensation.

Many tasks that rely on compensation modeling are complex and time consuming. Making adjustments for various compensation scenarios is challenging work. Even Excel experts realize that creating these spreadsheets is time intensive and error-prone. Auditing to find errors is difficult, and that leads to uncertainty.

We developed CompPro compensation management software to fix these problems, simplifying and streamlining the compensation modeling process. It makes calculating collective bargaining proposals, pay-for-performance models, and monitoring actual costs versus budgeted easier, faster, and more accurate. More details on how CompPro can benefit your organization are below or you can learn how it works here.

Compensation Planning & Management

CompPro lets you build compensation models and run calculations quickly versus the hours it takes to do it with spreadsheets. With CompPro you can create compensation schedules, benefit options, retirement contributions and taxes for each position then easily connect employee data. No more link-building or writing formulas. And it’s easy to adjust for various scenarios. You’ll have complete confidence in projections and results. You are able to see the numbers behind the numbers, have productive conversations, and make timely decisions. To learn more, go here.

Collective Bargaining

When you have new scenarios or proposals, simply make the adjustments in CompPro, click a button to do the calculations and view the results. You’ll see total package cost and the breakdown by each compensation layer. CompPro even displays detail down to the individual employee level. It’s easy to justify your numbers to senior management, the board, or the union with detailed break downs of the full proposal. After reaching agreement, you can export new compensation data to update your other systems as well. Learn more here.

Pay For Performance

Modeling Pay For Performance scenarios is easy with CompPro. Just input your performance schedules and employee performance ratings. CompPro instantly calculates the costs. To learn more, go here.


CompPro is used by education institutions, government organizations, and large and small businesses. To see how organizations like yours use CompPro go here.

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