Collective Bargaining

Finally Collective Bargaining Proposal Calculations Are Fast and Easy

When it's time to negotiate new contracts, you need proposal costs calculated quickly and accurately, so you can compare them and make decisions. Using Excel is time intensive, inevitably leading to errors, and auditing is hard. That's exactly where the CompPro Team can help.

A Collective Bargaining System

CompPro makes calculating collective bargaining proposals fast and easy. We customize the CompPro software with all your current compensation structures: pay, benefits, retirement contributions and taxes. Then we upload your employee data, and CompPro connects each employee to their compensation costs. You can see exact costs (not estimates) for any bargaining unit or employee group, with full details behind the numbers.

Easily Run Scenarios & Compare Them

Need to make adjustments for different scenarios or revised proposals? No problem. CompPro lets you quickly adjust the numbers and see the new results. It happens in seconds, not hours or days. And you’ll have complete confidence the numbers are right. You can easily compare proposals and see if they fit within the constraints of your budget.

Update Other Systems Easily

When a new agreement becomes effective, you can apply the new compensation structures to your most current employee data and perform the calculations. The new compensation data can then be easily exported to update your payroll and accounting systems.

Ready To Learn More?

With CompPro, a critical part of negotiations is simplified. You need fast and accurate collective bargaining proposal calculations, and that's exactly what we offer. Schedule a conversation with the CompPro Team to learn more, or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about our services.

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