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Easy To Use Compensation Planning Software

How CompPro Makes Compensation Planning Easier and Faster

When doing compensation planning, you need to know the costs of each scenario or proposal quickly and be confident the numbers are accurate. Relying on spreadsheets is tedious and leaves room for errors. Use CompPro to do your calculations.


Initial Setup

Setup is easy! Just send us your current compensation information and our compensation modeling experts will customize CompPro for you. When setup is complete, we’ll hold a kick-off call to review the specifics and show you how CompPro works.

For details on initial setup click here.

Calculating & Comparing Proposals

Initial setup is complete! You can now use CompPro to do any compensation scenario calculations as soon as you’re ready.

New proposals, updated proposals or “what-if” scenarios… easily adjust CompPro for what you’d like to see. It does the calculations immediately and shows you the numbers with plenty of details to support them. You can easily compare scenarios and make informed decisions.

For details on running proposals or scenarios click here.

We Are Here To Help

Our team of compensation modeling experts is always standing by, ready to assist you with outstanding support. Our goal is to help you make CompPro deliver fast, accurate calculations so you can present them to your stakeholders and assess your options, confident that the numbers are right.

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