Calculate and Compare Details

Calculating and Comparing Proposals Made Easy

The CompPro Team Makes Calculating and Comparing Proposals Easy

Initial setup is complete! You can now calculate your scenarios and proposals to help you quickly evaluate options and make decisions. Here's how easy it is:

Build new scenarios or proposals in CompPro

Easily adjust CompPro for your new scenarios or proposals. Taking steps and changing lanes is simple. Want to change base numbers? Considering a percentage increase or adding a new whole new compensation element? CompPro makes all of that easy to do.

CompPro does the calculations and shows you the numbers

As soon as you build a new scenario or proposal, CompPro does the calculations and displays the results. You’ll see total package cost and the breakdown by each compensation layer as well. CompPro even displays detail down to the individual employee level. It’s easy to justify your numbers to senior management, the board, or the union with detailed break downs of the full proposal.

Compare and contrast proposals

CompPro will show scenario and proposal comparisons so you can immediately see differences. Easily and quickly compare them, spot critical gaps and have clarity on what makes them different. With CompPro, you can see the exact budget impact of every pay and benefits change, without tedious calculations and changes to spreadsheets.

Make rapid decisions

Because CompPro calculates proposals rapidly and accurately, you can make decisions faster. When new scenarios or proposals arise, you can quickly calculate them and see exact costs. This accuracy and speed streamlines the process, lets decisions happen faster and with more confidence. 

It really is that easy to have accurate calculations performed quickly when you work with the CompPro Team. Schedule a conversation today, or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

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