Initial Setup

Fast and Easy Setup

Initial Setup with CompPro Is Fast and Easy

Starting compensation scenario calculations doesn't have to be tedious. The CompPro Team will quickly have you ready to calculate accurate to-the-penny, error-free models of your compensation packages, providing clear pictures of costs.

The first step is initial setup. We make it easy for you because we do most of the work! Here's what happens.

Send us your information

All we need to get started setting up your compensation models is your current compensation structures and employee data. Are you already using spreadsheets with this information? Great! That's all we need. Master contracts can help if available. If the information is elsewhere, gather it in its existing form and send it to us. We will sort it out with you.

We map your structures and confirm them with you

Our compensation experts examine your existing structures and map them. We discuss our specific questions with you to confirm correctness. Adjustments are made to the map in advance of configuring the system.

We configure CompPro

Our CompPro software is designed specifically to house your compensation structures and employee data. With a clear understanding of your compensation structures, we configure CompPro to match them.

We load your employee data

With CompPro configured to mirror your compensation structures, it’s ready to receive your employee data. We upload the employee information you provided and connect each employee to their positions, pay, benefits, retirement options and tax structures.

Final review before running scenarios and proposals

Once CompPro is configured and your employee data is connected, we will do a review with you to verify accuracy, and that's it. The initial setup is complete. You are ready to start calculating your scenarios and proposals.

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