Compensation Modeling & Management

Payroll is nearly 80 percent of your school district’s annual budget. Getting compensation right is critical to keeping all your stakeholders happy. Employees, senior management, and the board expect it to be right.

Things constantly change. You have to run many projections, proposals, and “what if” scenarios. Pay raises, benefit premium increases, changing retirement contributions, collective bargaining calculations, pay for performance impacts, hourly wage adjustments, early retirement evaluations: they all mean you must do more calculations.

Don’t use complex, error-prone spreadsheets to manage all of this. It’s slow, time-intensive, and accuracy suffers.

Use CompPro Compensation Modeling Software. It’s Fast & Efficient

CompPro makes compensation modeling and scenario cost calculations fast and easy. We customize CompPro with all your current compensation structures: pay, benefits, retirement contributions, and taxes. Our compensation experts then upload your employee data and CompPro instantly connects each employee to their compensation costs allowing you to see exact costs (not estimates) for groups of employees or individuals.

Run Scenarios & See Results Instantly

With CompPro, making changes and calculating scenarios happens in seconds. You will instantly see the cost of scenarios and be able to compare different options. Fast, accurate results mean communication is clearer and decisions can be made rapidly with confidence.

Export To Update Records Easily

CompPro also easily exports data that you can use to update your other systems such as payroll and accounting.

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CompPro will revolutionize how you model and calculate compensation. You need fast and accurate calculations, and that's exactly what we offer. Schedule a conversation with the CompPro Team to learn more, or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

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