Monitor Actual vs Budgeted

Track Your Actual Payroll Costs Throughout The Year

Employee costs are a major budget item and budgets normally allocate payroll expenses by various categorical funds. Monitoring your actual monthly payroll spending (by budget category) versus your budget is vital to controlling costs.

Many payroll and accounting systems will give you total monthly expense reports. But knowing the breakdown of payroll by budgeted allocation often requires intense work in a spreadsheet. Not only is it time consuming, but spreadsheets are inevitably error-prone.

Get Accurate Information. Fast.

Use CompPro compensation management software to monitor your actual payroll expenses versus your budgeted. Import your monthly live payroll data and CompPro will calculate the expenses by category. You can immediately compare actuals to your budget. This allows you to make quick decisions or provide information to decision-makers much faster than you would have been able to using a spreadsheet.

Don’t wait until you’ve overspent! Use CompPro to see budget usage and identify problems before they occur.

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Having accurate data is crucial for running your organization well and making confident decisions. CompPro lets you see pertinent data quickly so you can make those budget-related decisions easily, with confidence that your numbers are up-to-date and accurate.

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