Pay For Performance

See How Pay For Performance Costs Impact Your Budget

Don’t Use Excel To Model Pay For Performance

Running pay-for-performance scenarios so decisions can be made is challenging. Applying performance ratings to calculate actual pay can be too.

Are you building complex spreadsheets to model pay-for-performance scenarios? Are you building links and formulas to connect employees to the right performance ratings? Relying on error-prone spreadsheets is a bad idea. Manual data manipulation or hand-keying information also leads to errors.

All you really want is to see the costs, and evaluate options so decisions can be made.

Pay For Performance Made Easy

CompPro makes pay-for-performance fast and easy. Just customize CompPro with your performance schedules and then upload your employee data. CompPro instantly connects each employee and their performance rating to the right schedule. You can see exact costs (not estimates) for groups of employees or individuals.

When a new performance schedule is approved, CompPro makes it easy to connect current employees and their performance ratings to the new schedules. Updated costs are instantly calculated and these updated numbers are easily exported to your other systems.

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